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Hudak flip flops on health care issues

Have the Ontario Tories ditched some of their long-standing health care issues in the wake of the Drummond report?

On the one hand, Hudak likes Drummond’s idea for even larger Local Health Integration Networks, on the other hand, he remains silent on Drummond’s call to hold the line on new long-term care beds. During the election Hudak called for the elimination of the LHINs and pledged to create 5,000 new long-term care beds and renovate 35,000 more.

While PC Leader Tim Hudak has accused Premier Dalton McGuinty of cherry picking the report, he himself has been all over the map, one day insisting the Premier implement it, the next day carving out his own exceptions from the 362 recommendations.

“If the Premier takes a single one of them off the table he must specify an alternative approach,” Hudak said. And then Hudak himself began taking them off one by one, starting with his call to protect $340 million in revenue from slot machines shared with the horse racing industry.

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