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Will health care derail the 2017 target for balancing the books? Not likely.

Picture of coins to illustrate folly of the Conference Board of Canada's health care projections.

The Conference Board suggests that a 4.5 per cent annual increase in health spending will derail plans for a balanced budget in 2017. The thing is, that’s more than double the rate of increase the Wynne government is presently spending on health. (Canstock Photo)

The Conference Board of Canada likes to tell the world that it is independent and unbiased, but a quick look at its board of directors will reveal that it is mostly dominated by leaders from Canada’s corporate sector.

That includes representatives from banking, energy, insurance, and telecommunications, to name but a few of the private sectors chiefs that dominate the board. There are also, for good measure, a handful of board members from the public sector, including two university presidents and one hospital CEO, Michelle DiEmanuele from Trillium Health Partners.

DiEmanuele should be very familiar with what Ontario is spending on health care given Trillium has been subject to the same freeze on base funding that other public hospitals have experienced.

Overall Ontario budgeted for a 2.2 increase in nominal funding for the health care sector in 2014-15. Factor in the present inflation rate of 2.5 per cent (August CPI – Stats Canada), that means health care experienced an overall drop in real inflation-adjusted funding of -0.3 per cent. Add to that the impact of population growth and aging, the real cost pressures are probably closer to 4.5 per cent.

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