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Health care and Andrea Horwath’s hair – the election winds down

It’s not even election day and the media has already begun navel gazing about why voters ignored the platforms and got hung up on the minutiae of the horse race. The National Post is doing so by trying to analyse the content of Twitter posts. Do they really think this represents the views of typical Ontarians?

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Provincial Tories to keep health tax after all

The provincial health tax will remain in place if Tim Hudak’s Tories win the October 6, 2011 election.

The Toronto Star reports a “source” confirmed the tax would stay despite earlier promises to the contrary.

In February Hudak issued a press release calling Health Minister Deb Matthews a liar for suggesting to a group of visiting nurses the Tories would cut both the tax and the provincial health budget.

Four days after the press release, Hudak reversed himself again suggesting that everything was on the table, including the health tax.

Cutting the health tax would take $3 billion out of provincial revenues that contribute to the $47 billion health budget.

Hudak is expected to reveal his campaign platform at this weekend’s PC convention in Niagara Falls.