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New head of UK health system says centralization of hospital services a mistake

The Ontario government has frequently looked to England in setting the course of health care reform.

From public-private partnerships to “commissioning” of private clinics to deliver public care, the model has also given us a preview of what mistakes are about to be repeated here.

This week as Georgina Bay General Hospital announced it would be shuttering the tiny hospital serving Penetenguishene, the new head of England’s National Health System is saying his country should stop closing “cottage-style” hospitals and instead treat patients in their own communities.

UK’s The Telegraph reports that Simon Stevens has recognized that British hospitals are now among the worst in Western Europe at caring for local populations because too many services have been stripped and centralized.

“Most of western Europe has hospitals which are able to serve their local communities without everything having to be centralized.”

Stevens says the UK needs to abandon its fixation on “mass centralization.”

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