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Private Toronto company plans to pay for donations of plasma

Health Canada has received an application by an private for-profit company to operate two plasma collection sites in Toronto.

This comes on the heels of Canadian Blood Services closing down its last dedicated plasma collection site in Thunder Bay last week.

The company, ExaPharma, appears to be run by members of the Toronto Iranian community, the center’s manager an orthopaedic surgeon who had previously worked for the Iran Hemophilia Society.

Most are relatively new graduates, including President Yalda Riahi, a lawyer who was called to the bar in 2011 and works for a Vaughan-area law firm. Her background? According to the web site of Rotundo Di Iorio Quaglietta, she specializes in commercial and personal injury litigation.

While ExaPharma states on its website that it “has an uncompromising commitment to quality and strict adherence to all regulations and guidelines,” it appears to ignore one of the biggest World Health Organization guidelines – donations should not be paid.

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