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A hornets’ nest in Trenton over plans to replace the hospital lab

It’s been a hornets’ nest for the past two months.

Quinte Health Care’s plan to shut down its lab at Trenton Memorial Hospital and replace it with “Point of Care Testing” (POCT) has raised the ire of local doctors, politicians and community members in this town of about 20,000 residents.

QHC plans to close Trenton’s lab in late September.

Doctors say the closure of the lab is the beginning of the end for Trenton’s emergency room – leaving the town with a glorified “first-aid post.” The hospital denies this, arguing the Picton and North Hastings sites maintain ERs with only POCT.

With cuts to nursing staff also part of the plan, the doctors question how emergency room nurses will have the time to safely operate POCT equipment.

POCT has remained controversial far beyond the confines of Trenton.

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