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Regulatory changes suggests hospitals soon to divest outpatient procedures

In the dead of summer the province gave notice that it intends to bring the independent health facilities (IHFs) under the Local Health Integration Networks.

The change in regulation states their intention to shift “low-risk ambulatory services from a hospital to a community-based setting.” Oddly, that “setting” could simply be a satellite facility run by an existing hospital.

Previously the LHINs were not able to formally transition services from hospital to the IHFs because there was no way to transfer funding outside the LHIN’s jurisdiction. Funding for the IHFs had previously been handled directly by the Ministry.

This change could, for example, give the Champlain LHIN the opportunity to formally transfer funding from The Ottawa Hospital to private clinics to perform the endoscopies hospital CEO Jack Kitz no longer wanted. That will likely not help the hospital’s bottom line.

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