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Jumping into the fire

The last few days appear to suggest the brave new world of health reform is not unfolding as it theoretically should.

The news is all around us: another violent death in a nursing home; another frail senior discharged early from hospital without support; another community upset about losing a key hospital service; and a fresh report to suggest we are losing the battle to tackle the social determinants of health.

To make matters worse, a leaked report over the weekend from the Tories suggests that the next election may revolve around further assaulting the standard of living for working people by significantly undermining their unions. Does anybody believe a declining standard of living is going to improve anything, let alone population health in Ontario?

If you were Sandy Bullock lost in space, would you really want to struggle that hard to come back to earth?

Given how much stock the government has placed on moving patients out of hospital and into community, the entire agenda may implode once Ontarians discover for themselves how threadbare is the alternative.

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