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Much left on health care agenda by prorogued parliament

The decision by Premier Dalton McGuinty to step down and shut down the provincial parliament leaves many questions about the future of Ontario’s health care.

With no parliament, there will be no review of the Local Health Integration Networks, a commitment that the McGuinty government wrote into the original Act that created the Crown agencies.

When the government wrote the Local Health System Integration Act in 2006, somebody forgot to calculate that a five year mandated review would take place just prior to a fixed date election. Whoops! McGuinty did suggest that such a review might not be necessary at all until someone reminded him that it was written into the legislation.

There was no way the government was going to undertake a review of the unpopular LHINs just prior to going to the polls. In recent months we had heard that such a review was finally going to go to committee. Now that won’t happen. That means it could be seven years before the five-year review happens.

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Bad week for private companies mining for profits in health care

This hasn’t been a good week for private companies mining big profits in Canada’s health system.

Quebec police are probing a hospital private-public partnership deal awarded to SNC Lavalin Group Inc according to the Globe and Mail.

Police raids took place at the McGill University Health Centre headquarters on Tuesday in what the Globe suggests will “threaten to tarnish one of Canada’s landmark private sector bids to build public infrastructure.”

The newspaper reports that up until recently, the project had been “overseen” by Riadh Ben Aissa, the former head of SNC’s construction division. Ben Aissa is presently in a Swiss jail in regard to allegations of corrupt payments to public officials in Africa.

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