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Anti-tax business lobby is fed up with special interests (like us)

The Alberta Enterprise Group is a anti-tax business lobby, a good number of the corporate members  involved with that province’s oil patch. It’s board of directors is entirely made up of men – white men.

Speaking at a recent luncheon, AEG President Tim Shipton complained how it was difficult to develop the Canadian economy because of regulatory and political challenges.

He said “Canada is paralysed by special interests and complacency.”

The AEG doesn’t like things like taxes, although they claim they need to do away with regulations and all this opposition to their projects in order to make money so the same taxes they don’t like can pay for hospitals and schools and roads. It’s about public services they say. Yeah, right.

What they are really vexed about is communities not wanting energy pipelines running through their backyard. Apparently the people who live in the path of these pipelines are special interests, whereas the companies that want to profit from these pipelines are doing so in the national interest.

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