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Bargaining: St. Elizabeth drops from top employer lists

There used to be a time when St. Elizabeth Health Care boasted of making Canada’s Top 50 employer list. They used to talk about how their happy staff didn’t need a union.

How times change.

The last time St. Elizabeth made the Report on Business best employer list was 2007.

Now the St. Elizabeth-run Peel Crisis Services is in bargaining with OPSEU. Peel Crisis Services is among the numerous home health care services contracts the non-profit charity maintains across Ontario. The Peel Crisis Services offers free support to individuals needing help in a mental health crisis, to their families, friends and caregivers. 

According to the comparison website payscale.com, St. Elizabeth pays workers about 8 per cent below market value, and within their own sector they are about a percentage point behind average.

As a health care organization, you’d think they’d have some understanding of how the system works, yet St. Elizabeth has drawn a line in the sand insisting that their workers give two weeks’ notice prior to any medical appointment unless it is an emergency.

That means workers experiencing long waits to see a specialist will be denied the opportunity to get in earlier in the event of a cancellation.

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Home care agencies, for-profits absent from disclosure

The recent scandals at ORNGE showed how executives tried to use a series of for-profit companies within their non-profit structure to evade compensation disclosure.

For-profit companies do not have to disclose salaries under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act. They can pay their CEOs whatever they like, and we have no right to access that information no matter how much public money is poured into that company.

As the government expands the use of private companies (both for-profit and not-for-profit) to deliver more public health care, the less we will know about how it is spent.

Speedboats and European MBAs anyone?

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