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CBS warns of coming job losses in national meeting with labour

Canadian Blood Services executives Andrew Pateman and Ian Mumford.

Canadian Blood Services says the organization of the future is going to require fewer people. Caught in a funding squeeze by their provincial funders, CBS says they have to compete with other health priorities and money is getting tighter and tighter.

“The focus is not on cost cutting, but on process improvement,” says Andrew Pateman, Vice-President of Talent Management and Corporate Strategy for CBS. Speaking in Toronto November 2nd at a national meeting of unions representing more than 4,000 CBS workers, Pateman spoke about using new technology and reducing steps to improve process efficiency.

Pateman said meeting with the provinces was like getting in a mixed martial arts ring. “We’re getting beat up,” he said.

In his 18 months with the organization Pateman says he has conducted two employee surveys, the results of the second being calculated now. He said he wasn’t surprised that staff felt that “management was not leading in the way they should.”

Both Pateman and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ian Mumford acknowledged they had work to do in better communicating with staff, including involving front line workers in the decision-making process. Mumford had specifically asked to address the meeting organized by labour.

The CBS COO said they expect managers to carry on a variety of roles from donor and client relations to good financial management. On top of that they are expected to be skilled negotiators and be able to manage labour relations between contracts.

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