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Scarborough-Rouge: No merger decision, but hospital still selling benefits

If this were the private sector, you wouldn’t have the board of a $352 million organization sitting in such uncomfortable chairs.

Despite signs of modest economic recovery, it’s still hard times for many of Ontario’s hospitals, including The Scarborough Hospital. October 1st the TSH board met at the Birchmount Campus to conduct the hospital’s business.

Struggling financially – their line of credit recently increased to $30 million – the hospital is now facing an all-consuming discussion of merger with the somewhat healthier $326 million Rouge Valley Health System.

Maybe once they are a $678 million joint entity the chairs destined for board meetings will at least get better.

While engaged in an open and transparent process around the merger, there are clear signs that public engagement is not so much about gathering input to make a decision, but finding pockets of community opposition and trying to win them over to what appears to be a done deal. TSH CEO Robert Biron insists no decision has been made but continues to promote the benefits of merger.

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