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Aglukkaq might as well be talking about car washes and kittens

We’ve noted several times the absence of Federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq when it comes to media inquiries about issues within her jurisdiction.

Her performance in Parliament likely gives us a good illustration why.

The absence of a renewed Federal-Provincial health accord has raised considerable discussion over what the role of the federal government should be.

The 10-year 2004 accord set a number of national objectives for the provinces and federal government to work towards, the most prominent being wait times.

It is therefore reasonable for the opposition to ask questions when the Health Council of Canada — set up to monitor that accord — starts throwing up warning flags that achievements in reducing wait times are beginning to erode.

Responding to a question from NDP health critic Libby Davies, Aglukkaq cryptically responded that the problem was really two Quebec NDP MPs who were having trouble paying their back taxes.

“Our government is making record investments in health care, including new e-health initiatives I announced some time ago,” Aglukkaq told Parliament. “It is Canadians who pay those taxes. When members of the NDP caucus do not pay their taxes, it takes money away from services Canadians value, like health care. It is bad enough that they vote against health care investments, but now we know that some members of their caucus are not even paying their fair share of taxes.”

Aglukkaq might have well answered by talking about car washes and kittens for all the relevance her answer contained.

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McGuinty says wait times could lengthen

The government has repeatedly responded to criticisms about health care by trotting out statistics describing how much wait times have been reduced since 2004.

On Monday Premier Dalton McGuinty suggested to reporters that wait times could increase once cost-cutting “reforms” are introduced in the March budget.

Is McGuinty confusing cuts with reforms? What kind of “reform” would citizens buy into that actually lengthened wait times? This makes no sense.

The suggestion may also rock public opinion. Ontarians have been sold on the idea that their biggest health care concern is wait times. 82 per cent told the Vector Poll in December that government’s top priority should be to reduce ER wait times.

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