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CAMH asks staff to mail patients’ cigarettes back home

Ah, Rosie.

Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno recently used her shotgun style prose to take the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to school.

While addiction is part of CAMH’s mandate, not everyone who seeks help there has arrived to engage in a smoking cessation program.

True, smoking tobacco is addictive. Its negative health consequences are well documented.

CAMH has been escalating its war on tobacco for some time, starting with the elimination of smoking rooms back in 2003. Since then they have prohibited patients from smoking anywhere on the property – both inside and out. Now the patients are told they cannot even store their ciggys in lockers on site, even if they have to run out into the streets to actually smoke them.

April 18 DiManno called CAMH’s war on tobacco a “pathology,” noting derisively that they (CAMH) “can act as coercively as they please against some of the most vulnerable people among us and call it a matter of health.”

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