In Brief: Matthews reviewing competitive bidding / OHA to gag professionals

While she still expects to lift the moratorium on competitive bidding in home care, Health Minister Deb Matthews told the London Free Press that a review of competitive bidding is currently underway. OPSEU has asked for details. … The Ontario Hospital Association is proposing a new bylaw that would prohibit all board-appointed professional staff from engaging in any conduct that would adversely affect a hospital’s “reputation or standing in the community.” The bylaw suggests these professionals must raise concerns through proper channels. The doctors could lose their privileges at the hospital should they speak out. While the government has been dragging its heels on bringing hospitals under Freedom of Information legislation – something Health Minister Deb Matthews had promised at last year’s OHA conference – it appears the hospital association is preparing to gag those who are most likely to serve as whistleblowers. …. The Milton Canadian Champion addresses the new “Excellent Care for All Act” in its May 13 editorial. The Milton newspaper questions whether the bill is needed. “We find it incredibly frustrating that we need yet another piece of legislation telling people they should be doing their jobs properly,” they write. “Our health-care system has been on life support for years. It will take more than the Excellent Care for All Act to right this mess.” The newspaper suggests what the system really needs is more funding to expand hospitals and hire more staff.

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