Video: Natalie Mehra on P3 Hospitals

Natalie Mehra, Director of the Ontario Health Coalition, speaks about the high costs and secrecy of public-private partnership (P3) hospitals in this new Operation Maple video.  Operation Maple makes on-line videos about issues important to Canadians. Check it out below:

2 responses to “Video: Natalie Mehra on P3 Hospitals

  1. which hospital is she at? the royal ottawa? a response would be great, I’m doing research for a presentation on P3’s.

    • Hi Lauren — The video was done at Brampton’s William Osler Health Centre. It was the first general hospital in Canada to get the P3 treatment and turned out to be far more costly than had it been developed under traditional public procurement rules. It was subject to a report by the Auditor General of Ontario that is well worth the read.

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