Did The Scarborough Hospital hide its near insolvency from the LHIN?

The merger between the Scarborough and Toronto East General hospitals may be off, but the Central East Local Health Integration Network certainly took note of one of the report’s statements – The Scarborough Hospital is near financial insolvency.

This may be the main reason why the Toronto East General Hospital backed off from a proposed merger, or as the consultant’s report states, was a “potential show stopper.”

The LHIN has since released a statement March 1st that suggest The Scarborough Hospital’s financial predicament may have been previously misrepresented.

“The report makes a number of observations related to the financial sustainability of The Scarborough Hospital that are not substantiated by evidence or data previously submitted by the hospital to the LHIN which will require some clarification by the hospital,” the LHIN release states.

Or in more common parlance, TSH CEO Dr. John Wright may have some explaining to do.

The LHIN also raised issues about how the merger talks had evolved, noting that the process lacked a transparent explanation of the vision, aims and scope of an integration, a clear understanding of the benefits to the community, nor an appropriate community engagement plan.

The Scarborough Hospital is expected before the LHIN on March 28th to outline its plan on how it will “move forward.”

One response to “Did The Scarborough Hospital hide its near insolvency from the LHIN?

  1. Toronto hospital were good to have backed out in time before the merger was concluded.

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