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Did The Scarborough Hospital hide its near insolvency from the LHIN?

The merger between the Scarborough and Toronto East General hospitals may be off, but the Central East Local Health Integration Network certainly took note of one of the report’s statements – The Scarborough Hospital is near financial insolvency.

This may be the main reason why the Toronto East General Hospital backed off from a proposed merger, or as the consultant’s report states, was a “potential show stopper.”

The LHIN has since released a statement March 1st that suggest The Scarborough Hospital’s financial predicament may have been previously misrepresented.

“The report makes a number of observations related to the financial sustainability of The Scarborough Hospital that are not substantiated by evidence or data previously submitted by the hospital to the LHIN which will require some clarification by the hospital,” the LHIN release states.

Or in more common parlance, TSH CEO Dr. John Wright may have some explaining to do.

The LHIN also raised issues about how the merger talks had evolved, noting that the process lacked a transparent explanation of the vision, aims and scope of an integration, a clear understanding of the benefits to the community, nor an appropriate community engagement plan.

The Scarborough Hospital is expected before the LHIN on March 28th to outline its plan on how it will “move forward.”

LHIN warns merger of two Toronto hospitals could undermine access and quality

As The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) openly advocates for a merger with the Toronto East General, CEO Dr. John Wright may have difficulty persuading the Central East Local Health Integration Network of the merits of bringing the two hospitals together.

In a preliminary report recently posted online, the Central East LHIN raises a number of concerns, including the fact that such a merger does not align with their clinical services plan.

The CE LHIN states there is no evidence that “this will improve quality or access,” suggesting that it may possibly undermine it.

The LHIN states that the current activity is not client-focused, lacks a clear engagement strategy, and has not garnered physician support.

They further state there is no evidence to suggest a merger would assist in addressing population health challenges within Scarborough.

The LHIN suggests that if TSH is interested in an alliance, that it would make more sense to look towards “integration” with the Scarborough Centenary Hospital, which is part of the Rouge Valley Health System.

This is not the first time that suggestion has been made. Community groups in Ajax, who have never been happy having their hospital linked to Scarborough Centenary, have long advocated that Centenary should join TSH, leaving the Ajax-Pickering Hospital to link to Durham’s Lakeridge Health.

No application has yet been made by the two hospitals to proceed with a formal merger.

CEO says he wants to increase power base through Toronto hospital mergers

After all the talk about system integration it’s notable that the CEO of a Ontario public hospital should argue for a merger on the basis of enhancing the institution’s power base.

This hardly strikes us as being in sync with the present evidence-based narratives emerging from the Drummond Report or the Minister of Health’s new action plan. Isn’t health planning supposed to be about providing care in the right place at the right time by most appropriate provider? The “power” scenario suggests the province may be making decisions on a different basis.

It is even more surprising given one of the two potential dance partners in the merger is Rob Devitt, CEO of the Toronto East General Hospital.

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