Mental Health Week: Be part of a Parkdale human chain May 12

Arrabon House believes the way to start a conversation is to put tape over your mouth and stand in a really big line.

The first annual “Stop The ‘Crazy’ Movement” is asking those who care about mental health to do just that on Saturday, May 12 in the Toronto community of Parkdale.

The plan is to form a human chain that begins at 4 pm on Queen St. W. at Roncesvalles and spreads eastward. Each person on the chain will link arms, wear a white t-shirt, and place masking tape over their mouth with words describing their connection to a specific mental illness as a patient, survivor, family member, friend or as a health care professional. According to the organizers, on cue everybody’s tape comes off, symbolizing how “crazy” it is for us not to talk about something that affects so many people.

“The connections we are creating will help promote our community, as well as strengthen the existing bonds we have,” the organizers state in their release.

During the human chain the Marsaryk-Cowan Community Centre will serve as a check point for the event, offering information on community resources, a BBQ and “Stop The Crazy” merchandise. The actual chain is intended to require only a small commitment of time.

That evening, the real fun begins at The Sister pub (1554 Queen St. W.), where a silent auction will take place to raise money for Arrabon House. The party includes a live band – “Your New Neighbours” and stand-up comedy.

Arrabon House has been part of the Parkdale community since 1973, providing support to young women who have experienced trauma, abuse, and mental health issues.

Stop The ‘Crazy’ takes place on the final weekend of the national Mental Health Week.

When: Saturday, May 12 / 4 pm
Where: Queen & Roncesvalles, Toronto
Download: Stop The Crazy Poster

You Can Help!

Aarbon is looking for volunteers and sponsors for their event as well as donations to their silent auction. If you can help, please contact Corey Ramsay at 416-509-4634 ( or Wendy Curnew at 416-570-4032 (

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