Underpaid PSWs locked out after refusing wage concessions

The March of Dimes is a registered charity that helps Ontarians with disabilities live independently. Recently the charity locked out about 30 Oakville Personal Support Workers (PSWs) after they refused to give in to wage concessions. These  OPSEU-represented PSWs are currently paid as little as $14 an hour — or what some advocates are saying should be the minimum wage. This is for work that is both skilled and challenging. Meanwhile, the CEO of the March of Dimes rewards herself with compensation that is about $270,000 annually.  The majority of the March of Dimes funding for disability support comes from the Province of Ontario. Our colleagues at Operation Maple recently made this video to tell their story and suggest that perhaps any further charitable donations should come with a condition.

3 responses to “Underpaid PSWs locked out after refusing wage concessions

  1. It is criminal to take away from the PSW’s when they are working long ,tough hours doing jobs that are truly done out of love & caring…… take from the top of the system where they are living with no fears re: their or their families well being…. GREED is not acceptable…. many charities give the CEO’s mega $$$ when it should be given to those who are woking hands on with the patients…..

  2. Awesome Video, sounds a lot like us here with VON Grey-Bruce! We can legally strike on Nov.29.

  3. Katherine Robinson

    This is totally disgusting behaviour on the part of the CEO, I will not be donating monies to support an outrageous salary such as this $270,000 per year! To remove the benefits necessary for workers to take care of themselves and family members is heartless and compounds the difficulty of earning a living on low wages already in effect. What’s next? A decrease in scheduled hours?

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