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Underpaid PSWs locked out after refusing wage concessions

The March of Dimes is a registered charity that helps Ontarians with disabilities live independently. Recently the charity locked out about 30 Oakville Personal Support Workers (PSWs) after they refused to give in to wage concessions. These  OPSEU-represented PSWs are currently paid as little as $14 an hour — or what some advocates are saying should be the minimum wage. This is for work that is both skilled and challenging. Meanwhile, the CEO of the March of Dimes rewards herself with compensation that is about $270,000 annually.  The majority of the March of Dimes funding for disability support comes from the Province of Ontario. Our colleagues at Operation Maple recently made this video to tell their story and suggest that perhaps any further charitable donations should come with a condition.

Operation Maple: Lack of inspection, staffing a cocktail for disaster in Ontario’s nursing homes

Ontario has too few staff caring for residents in its long-term care homes. Coupled with too few inspectors — most homes have not had a detailed inspection since 2009 — it is a cocktail for disaster. How many scandals will it take before the province keeps its words and really protects some of our most vulnerable citizens?

OPSEU’s Rick Janson speaks about the lack of staffing and inspection at Ontario’s long-term care homes in this new Operation Maple video. Also featured is OPSEU member Tamara Lazic, who speaks about her grandmother’s last days in one of these homes.

Operation Maple: Funny video looks at ways public services touch our lives

Operation Maple are at it again. Interviewing people on the street of Toronto, several claimed that they “don’t use public services.” Oh really? Upbeat and funny, the video looks at how many ways public services can touch our lives in the course of day. Check it out the homage to “It’s A Wonderful Life,” or was that “A Christmas Carol?” The video is produced in conjunction with NUPGE’s All Together Now Campaign.

Check out the Operation Maple site for other clever videos on current issues.

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New Operation Maple video highlights corporate tax evasion

Thirty Fortune 500 companies didn’t pay any tax in the last three years. Ever wonder why corporations continue to pay less or no tax while governments become more and more destabilized by debt? Our friends at Operation Maple have just released this short video featuring Osgood Hall law professor Neil Brooks and economists Erin Weir and James Henry:

New Video: Operation Maple health care quiz

Operation Maple asks whether the Ontario Tories kept their promise to protect health care last time they were in power? 

Operation Maple is an independent video site that takes an alternate look at key issues in the news.

Watch the video below: