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50 Shades leading Windsor baby boom — Musyj

We don’t quite know what to make of this one.

Our most quotable of hospital CEOs is now saying that the erotic bestseller 50 Shades of Grey may be responsible for a mini baby boom in Windsor, Ontario.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj has been all over the media recently after speculating a 30 per cent jump in births over a six-day period may have something to do with the publishing nine months earlier of E. L. James’ steamy novel.

“If you back up the calendar, the book of 50 Shades of Grey was released worldwide and in Canada earlier this year,” he told the media. “There is talk around the hospital that it is possible that the release of that book has something to do with the increase in births.”

Our national broadcaster – the CBC — took this story very seriously, consulting a sexuality professor and a demographer. The professor suggests Musyj could be right while the demographer is more cautious given there is an overall “echo effect” – the children of boomers are now having kids of their own.

Of course, the question is, why only in Windsor? Are women there just particularly fast readers and subsequently ahead of the trend?  Is 50 Shades of Grey doing for the Windsor library’s circulation what the book is doing for that of its readers?

Musyj also suggests that blackouts and big collective agreements may also spur mini-baby booms at his hospital.

You might say the results are a secondary labour movement.