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OHA speakers say transform health before it gets cut

KPMG's Mark Britnell at the OHA HealthAchieve

KPMG’s Mark Britnell at the OHA HealthAchieve

Speakers at this week’s Ontario Hospital Association HealthAchieve say it’s important to transform health care, not cut it.

Don Berwick, former Administrator for U.S. Medicare and Medicaid Services, told the OHA conference the U.S. presently spends 17.6 per cent of its economy (GDP) on health care and is headed for 24 per cent, or almost one dollar out of every four spent south of the border.

In a later session in the afternoon, the UK’s Mark Britnell, Chairman and Partner of KPMG’s Global Practice, spoke about advanced economies being “increasingly burdened” by rising health care costs, a situation “exacerbated by the fiscal crisis.”

Britnell called economist and banker Don Drummond’s report on how to get Ontario’s house in order one of the best he’s read, even though many of Drummond’s projections have already proven to be wrong.

Neither Berwick or Britnell ever mentioned that for three consecutive years now Canada’s health care spending has dropped not only as a share of GDP, but also as a percentage of provincial spending. Britnell still shows charts claiming that Canada’s health care costs are going to rise by a staggering 2 per cent of GDP.

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A light bulb turns on – Goar conflicted over evidence on health care spending

When Jim Flaherty was Ontario finance minister, he predicted in 2001 that health care spending would increase to 60 cents on every dollar spent by the Ontario government within five years.

The Tories were then spending 46 cents.

Five years later it was a different government in power at Queen’s Park and Greg Sorbara was Ontario finance minister. Sorbara complained that 45 cents of every dollar was going to health care. He said the government had to get health spending under control.

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