“False Positive” new book on Canada’s medical laboratories

Ross Sutherland, the Community Co-Chair of the Ontario Health Coalition, has just published a new book on Canada’s Medical Laboratories.

False Positive: Private Profit in Canada’s Medical Laboratories uses the history of laboratory services in Canada to demonstrate that ownership of health services matters. The history of medical laboratories is a cautionary tale: it is a warning to those who would allow private surgical clinics, for-profit MRIs and CT scans, corporate family medical practices and a variety of other private enterprises to provide services to patients at public expense.

In addition to the book, Ross has also set up a BLOG to begin a dialogue on medical laboratories — http://forprofitmedicallabs.wordpress.com.

You can order Ross’ book for $17.95 through Brunswick Books, 20 Maude St., Suite 303, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2M5 — orders@brunswickbooks.ca

2 responses to ““False Positive” new book on Canada’s medical laboratories

  1. Cool that the guy has set up a Blog, but too bad he didn’t even bother to take down the automatic “Hello world!” first-post that WordPress sets up.
    Not sure what’s worse – him for not learning how to remove it, or his publisher for not catching it!

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