Video: CSMLP produces commercial to highlight role of lab professionals

The 14,000-member Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Professionals has produced a commercial to highlight the role lab professionals play in health care. Titled “Knowing Matters,” the CSMLP has posted the commercial on-line with an incentive for their members to click on the video: if it gets 25,000 views CBC’s The National will air the commercial during National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 24-30). To see the video, and add to the count, click on the window below:

2 responses to “Video: CSMLP produces commercial to highlight role of lab professionals

  1. This is great! Finally, a profile reflecting this important component of patient care.

  2. Barbara Barry

    Great video. Unfortunatley up here in Muskoka “we won’t be here” at least not on the night shift in the lab as management at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is canning the night shift and replacing it with what they like to call “Point of Care Testing” . Point of Care testing is testing that occurs at the bedside. The set up here will be a mini lab in the ER department in which Nurses who are not qualified in Medical Lab Technology performing the testing not a Qualified Medical Lab Technologist who is trained, qualified and experienced in lab testing.

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